Best description of myself I ever heard -

This is my cousin, who is always attached to a book!   (out of the mouth of my 8 year old cousin)

The early years -  A voracious reader who used to devour Enid Blyton books. I did very well in our composition class where we had to do short stories. I also became very interested in science fiction at this time.

College – My great-uncle cried when he heard I joined Electrical & Electronics Engineering – he had high hopes for me becoming an author. But this was India – anybody who had good marks went for Engineering or Medicine. Plus, I had always wanted to be an engineer. What I had not anticipated was that it would be the end of my reading life as I knew it.

Predictably after graduating, I have been in the software industry and wasn’t doing any reading or writing. So I took the distant course from ICL – Writing for Children and also attended the Highligths Foundation workshop “Making the Web Work for You”.

So this is my heartfelt attempt to get back to my writing life as it was a long time ago!


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